Miscellaneous info

Ring size chart

Sizing rings can be difficult, below is a ring size chart with measurements of the inside diameter.


Size Diameter mm

G 14.3                 P 17.9
G ½ 14.5             P ½ 18.1
H 14.7                 Q 18.3
H ½ 14.9             Q ½ 18.5
I 15.1                  R 18.7
I ½ 15.3              R ½ 18.9
J 15.5                 S 19.1
J ½ 15.7             S ½ 19.3
K 15.9                T 19.5
K ½ 16.1            T ½ 19.7
L 16.3                U 19.9
L ½ 16.5            U ½ 20.1
M 16.7               V 20.3
M ½ 16.9           V ½ 20.5
N 17.1               W 20.7
N ½ 17.3           W ½ 20.9
O 17.5
O ½ 17.7


Cleaning tips for jewellery.

Polished Silver: Clean regularly with a soft cloth. If very tarnished use appropriate polish (Silvo).

Matte Silver: To retain satin finish use a “scotchbrite” pad in a circular motion or back and forth depending on the desired finish.

Gold: Use warm soapy water or alcohol to dissolve tough dirt.
DO NOT use ammonia as it can turn soldier joins dark.

Titanium: To remove finger prints simply clean item with warm soapy water. Never use harsh abrasives. Keep titanium pieces wrapped separately in a soft cloth away from other jewellery items.

Oxidized Metals: (Blackened metals) Preserve by applying furniture wax, preferably one that contains bees wax.

Gemstones: Clean with warm soapy water and a drop of ammonia; use a soft old tooth brush to get at difficult areas.
NEVER use this solution on organic stones such as Pearls or Opals. These are best wiped with a soft cloth.